When we started this company, we promised ourselves: to use the new media platform as a gateway to convey the African stories and stereotypes from an African perspectives so that we can give our audience and clients the opportunity to have a balanced view in discussing Africa. In almost twenty years, we’ve had the pleasure of doing exactly that  by researching, developing, producing and publishing thousands of materials and contents through our personal projects, commissioned work with Non-profits organizations, International Institutions, governmental Institution,  Politicians and Political leaders, small businesses, community organizations, family events, educational institutions, religious bodies, Musicians and Film producers. We work hard every day to “make it happen” for our clients. We most times go over and beyond to make things happen simply because we love and believe in what we do. We care deeply about doing a great job for each and every project regardless of the size. We are proud to say that we have successfully imprinted our mark in three continents (Africa, Europe and North America) in our global village. With Social Media we are now reaching out to, and influencing millions of people around the world. Sierra Gem Media Production (SGM) is your media partner in public relations, campaign and engagement strategies, videography, entertainment projects, event planning and management, documentary and feature films, television content, print and digital news magazine production. We hope that we’ll get the chance to work with you and your organization or establishment soon.


African stories told by Africans



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