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Sierra Gem Media (SGM) is a professional Media and Entertainment Production and Management Company founded in the United Kingdom in the 1990s by a group of dynamic African Diasporans mainly from Sierra Leone. SGM was founded out of the burning desire to provide a real alternative to the negative perspective in which Africa has always been portrayed by Western Media platforms.


Our mission is to provide a platform where African Stories and experiences are sheared objectively with the rest of the world- thus our slogan “African stories told by Africans.” Therefore, our approach is to use Film, Television, Photography, New Media, Print Media, Music and Reality Shows to convey the Historical, political, Economic, Social and Cultural perspectives relating to the issues, challenges and the aspirations and advancement of the African continent.


Over the years, SGM founders decided to relocate to Sierra Leone as a strategic move to be close to the source of the issues and stories that we want to address and or shear with the rest of the world.  


We are very proud to say that our level of commitment and professionalism in what we do has accorded us the utmost respect from our clients and audience both within and out of Africa. We have over the years provided Media, Public Relations and Community Engagement consultancy service for the Public, Private and Non-governmental sectors throughout Africa. We also, provide content for National and International Television networks in Africa and Europe. 


This is your opportunity to navigate through our site to enjoy the unique programs and services we offer. Please feel free to contact us for your Video Coverage, Film Production, Documentaries, Photography, Print and Graphic Designs projects or services. We will assure you of the highest level of quality and professionalism in every project we undertake.

Our passionate, talented and creative staff, volunteers and interns are on the field 24/7 searching for the best moments and to capture the real stories and issues which are conveyed to our audience in real time.


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